EVENT: Release party for Krista Walsh’s “Death at Peony House”

Hi, there!

Quick notice for anyone who may be interested: I’ll be at Krista Walsh’s Facebook party tonight celebrating the release of Death at Peony House, book one in her new Urban Fantasy series with a mystery twist (you can grab the prequel here free today, and check out DaPH here, free with Kindle Unlimited).

Krista will have giveaways, information on the books, and more–including a few guest authors with our own giveaways.

I’ll be offering a signed paperback copy of Into Elurien, a signed cover card, and a bookmark in my big giveaway, plus a few ebooks during my takeover time (open internationally). Drop by to enter, to ask me questions, and to chat about monsters and urban fantasy. I’ll be on at 6 Eastern time, but please come early and stay for the whole party! You won’t want to miss out on Krista’s new series.


Here’s the link. Click “going” to get notifications in your Facebook feed when the party starts. And I think Krista is having a giveaway for whoever invites the most friends, so be sure to share!

See you there!



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Here we go.

I can’t even explain how excited I am about this book. What started as a “Yeah, I could squeeze a shorter project into my schedule” became something I’m madly in love with. These characters, this world, the ideas I got to play with and the story that took shape as I wrote it… It’s just so much more than I ever expected it to be when I took it on as a fun challenge. One of my favourite things I’ve ever written.

Here’s the cover copy again, for anyone who missed it:

Out of plans and out of luck…

Hazel Walsh left her island town three years ago, determined to never to return. But a series of missteps and misfortunes have left her homeless, heartbroken, and with no option but to return and take a job she doesn’t want in a place she fears will strangle her.

On her way, she stops for the night at the Old Brook Inn. It’s a place of local myth and legend—things that Hazel hasn’t believed in since she was a child. When she finds a strange key in the attic and tries it in a locked door, she suddenly wishes she’d paid more attention to the fantasy stories she once scoffed at.

She’s thrown into a world in the midst of revolution, where monsters have overthrown the humans who once enslaved them. All of them, that is, except Verelle, the cruel sorceress queen who vanished at the moment of Hazel’s arrival. If Hazel wants to have any chance of surviving and making it back to her own world, she’ll have to join forces with the amalgus Zinian—horned, winged, mysterious, and monstrously attractive—to unravel the mystery of Verelle’s disappearance. If they can’t, the fates of two worlds may be at stake.

This one will be available for pre-order May 15 and releases June 15, 2016. You can add it to your Goodreads TBR now via this link.

Ready? Here you go.

Into Elurien cover 1800x



Big thanks to Jennifer at JM Rising Horse Creations, who did such an amazing job with this gorgeous cover! Not only that, she’s doing ALL of the covers for the Skeleton Key series. You can check them out here.

What is the Skeleton Key series? It’s a series of books, all by different authors, all standalone fantasy romance novellas with a happily ever after guaranteed, featuring a range story types, sub-genres, worlds, characters, and heat levels. It looks like we’ve got fae, dragons, shifters, warrior queens, and of course monsters (*happy dance*). It’s going to be amazing. I’m really excited about this series, and I’ll have more information for you as we get closer to release day.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Please feel free to share this post. ^_^


Into Elurien cover reveal coming April 15 (and a special bonus for newsletter subscribers!)

I’ve been going NUTS waiting to talk about this project. It’s always hard to know when it’s too soon. Should everything wait until pre-orders are up? Does anyone care before then?

Well, I can’t wait. I’m incredibly excited about this new adult fantasy romance project. Going full Romance was a bit of a challenge for me, but the characters and plot really came together beautifully in a story that packs in as much adventure as I could fit in the 50K word limit required by the series. Honestly, my only regret with this story is that it had to be a standalone, because I LOVE it. Monsters, magic, a new world, a heroine with anxiety and acne, romance that’s a little hotter than what I’ve played with in the past… what’s not to be excited about?

Anyway, we’re going to do the cover reveal on April 15, one month before Into Elurien and the rest of the books in the Skeleton Key series go up for pre-order. Join me here, or for extra fun, at my blog.

Now, newsletter subscribers have already seen the cover, so that’s old news for them. But because they’re so special, they’re going to get a fantastic bonus: an early introduction to a character I’m more than a little in love with. He’s a bit of a monster, but I think you’ll adore him, too. If you’re not a newsletter subscriber yet (and why not? It’s so much fun!), you should definitely sign up before Friday the 15th using the links at the top of this page. This will be a one-time mailing. If you miss it, you’ll have to wait until the rest of the world meets him some time in May.

Or June, if I decide to be mean and not reveal him before the book comes out. 🙂

Hope to see you there!