Bonus Content at Disregard the Prologue!

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Did you know I’ve been posting a series called “Bound A-Z” on my blog, Disregard the Prologue? It’s an entertaining, semi-random jaunt through the alphabet, jumping from characters to ideas to the world the stories are set in and everything in between. There are hints about future stories, never-before-seen insights into your favourite characters’ histories, and a look into the process of writing the trilogy (and associated stories).

This covers the series to date, but I’ve tried to give warnings if there are spoilers involved for anything after Bound.

Here’s a handy list of everything we’ve looked at so far. Check them out, leave a question or comment, and enjoy! (Clicking the links will open the blog post in a new tab)

A is for Adventure

B is for Belleisle

C is for Cave Fairies & Creatures

D is for Dragons

E is for Ernis & Emalda

F is for Fairy Tales

G is for Griselda… and going places

H is for Heartleaf

I is for “I”

J is for “Jumpin’ Jehosephat” (but not really)

K is for Kel

L is for Luid

M is for Magic

N is for Nox

O is for Orim (facts for megafan show-offs included)

P is for Potioner

Q is for Queen

R is for Ruby (Or: How to offend a dragon)

S is for Severn

T is for Tiernal