Into Elurien Cover Reveal Coming Soon!

Hey, everyone! I’m almost excessively excited to announce that my new project has cover art, and I’ll be revealing it to newsletter subscribers on Thursday! Not signed up yet? Be sure to click the pinned post on this site’s home page to claim your free ebooks and get in on the fun. 🙂

Into Elurien is a part of the Skeleton Key book series, a group of standalone fantasy romance novellas written by best-selling indie authors. Check out the site here. I’ll have more details for you soon. For now, I’ll just say that I’m thrilled to be a part of this project with so many wonderful authors, and I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with.

Here’s a little cover art teaser for you.

into elurien teaser







And the (non-finalized) cover copy.

Out of plans and out of luck…

Hazel Walsh left her island town three years ago, determined to never to return. But a series of missteps and misfortunes have left her homeless, heartbroken, and with no option but to return and take a job she doesn’t want in a place she fears will strangle her.

On her way, she stops for the night at the Old Brook Inn. It’s a place of local myth and legend—things that Hazel hasn’t believed in since she was a child. When she finds a strange key in the attic and tries it in a locked door, she suddenly wishes she’d paid more attention to the fantasy stories she once scoffed at.

She’s thrown into a world in the midst of revolution, where monsters have overthrown the humans who once enslaved them. All except their greatest enemy, Verelle, the cruel sorceress queen who disappeared at the moment of Hazel’s arrival. If Hazel wants to have any chance of making it home, she’ll have to join forces with the amalgus Zinian—horned, winged, mysterious, and undeniably attractive—to unravel the mystery of Verelle’s disappearance and bring peace to a war-ravaged land.

If you’d like to add this one to your TBR list on Goodreads, here’s the link. And be sure to click on “Skeleton Key” beside the title to check out the other books that are posted!

Release date: June 15

Pre-order date: May 15