Welcome to the Site!

Hi, there!

Yes, it’s true. This mild technophobe finally got over her fear of setting up a self-hosted website and got this thing up and running.

What does that mean for you?

Well, it means one stop if you’re ever looking for updates on my current or future releases, with no worry about missing posts on Twitter or Facebook. It means an easy way to find out how to get onto my mailing list. It means updates on book progress without all of the other fun (though occasionally distracting) things I post about on my blog.

And it looks a heck of a lot nicer than anything I’ve used in the past.

There’s a contact form in the tabs at the top if you need to e-mail me, excerpts from current books, information on works in progress, and more great stuff to come.

We’ve got other changes coming, too, including a new newsletter format with special sign-up bonuses. Don’t worry, current subscribers, you’ll get all of the goodies, too!

Thank you for your patience as we finish set-up here.